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GameCredits is creating a new payment gateway for the gaming industry.

There are a lot of challenges and limitations with current payment solutions and platforms in the gaming industry. We will provide gaming companies a very specific solution to make payments seamless, easy and secure. We will offer the gaming industry ways to pay less and make more. Our in game payment gateway is built for the gaming industry by the gaming industry.

Benefits to Gamers

icon_0015_like-1 Seamless & Easy Integration

100% frictionless gamer experience. Gamers will not be distracted from gameplay.

icon_0004_bills Higher Deposit Limits

Today gamers are restricted to how much they can deposit into their favorite games. We have a solution for this.

icon_0007_shopping-bag-7 More Deposit Options

Google Play and Apple only allow credit card purchases and deposits for mobile games. For web/PC games local deposit options are limited. Our payment system provides a variety of deposit options, including gamecredits.

icon_0014_money Purchase Power

Players will be incentivized to use gamecredits (GAME) to purchase in game items, providing gamers with more value in their purchases.

icon_0003_box-2 Increasing Value

As more gaming companies and gamers use GAME, demand forces will cause GAME to increase in value. Gamers will notice they have more purchasing power.

icon_0015_like-1 Transferability

Credits can be transferred between games via the gamecredits wallet. Purchases made by users will not be lost as their game preferences change.

icon_0009_piggy-bank-2 Safe Place to Keep Money

In game purchases are safe from theft, fraud, and other security infringements associated with online purchases today.

icon_0017_credit-card Send Money Anonymously

Keep personal life personal. Gamers can on enjoying the game content rather than worrying about protecting their personal information.

Media on Gamecredits

  • GameCredits is a name not often brought up when you think of altcoins. With a weekly increase of market capitalization of over 40 percent and trading volume approaching $1 million, shown below, it may be something worth taking a look at.

    Nigel Dollentas,

  • With increased revenue sharing to developers with quicker payouts, GAME makes a case for developers to contribute to the ecosystem, and can be cashed out into whatever currency one desires.

    Ryan Strauss,

  • …crypto could play a pivotal role in being applied to the sector and speed up payments to developers for games downloaded by users via mobile devices

    Roger Aitken, Forbes

  • Cryptocurrencies for competitive gaming are one of the hottest fields for entrepreneurs and investors alike right now.

    Avi Mizrahi,

Benefits to Gaming Companies

icon_0005_truck-1 Extremely High Processing Speeds

The GameCredits Inc. proprietary payment system is built on Big Data Technology by top level Big Data developers using Hbase and Hadoop. It is extremely fast.

icon_0003_box-2 Scalable

Our proprietary Big Data tech is capable of handling tens of millions of users simultaneously.

icon_0008_shield Advanced Fraud Protection

We have an advanced fraud protection and data analyzation system equivalent to current enterprise bank level payment processing solutions.

icon_0012_package-3 Blockchain Security

Transactions are handled by our blockchain wallet solution, so everything is verifiable.

icon_0011_percentage Bypass Commission Fees

Today gaming companies pay up to 30% of their revenues with Google Play and Apple. With our mobile platform and gamecredits store they will no longer have to.

icon_0015_like-1 Receive Payments Faster

Today gaming companies have to wait up to 60 days to receive payments from platforms and aggregators. With GameCredits Inc. they will receive funds quicker and smarter.

icon_0014_money Higher Deposit Limits

Today gamers are restricted to how much they can deposit into their favorite games. This hurts gaming companies and limits their profit and revenue potential. We solve this problem.

icon_0015_like-1 No Chargebacks, Fraud, Cancellations

Gaming developers can focus on developing games with less headaches and waste less time on fraudulent transactions.

icon_0016_dollar-symbol-4 Cross Promotion

All games using the GameCredits Inc. gateway have the option to enjoy cross promotion with other games. Additional mobile games on the gamecredits mobile store will benefit from cross promotion.

icon_0014_money Additional Value

As demand for gamecredits increases so will the price. Developers who keep game credits will have an increasing source of monetary value.

icon_0006_speech-bubble-1 Made with Heart

Most importantly, everything we build is made with love by people who care about awesome UI design and the future of gaming.

Gamecredits Partners


color_smallGameCredits Inc. is an international, multi-cultural company bringing together experts from both the blockchain and gaming. We are passionate, dedicated and love both gaming and cryptocurrency. We strive to create the most cutting edge payment solutions and make them available to the mass gaming market. Our goal is to improve gamer experiences and to make the entire gaming industry a better industry.



Ivica Simatovic

Business Development
Ivica has been a pioneer of the content integration in the tech space before the dial up modem existed. Specialized in servicing and creating strategic business relationships with major brands. As COO of SD-media in Vienna, Austria, Ivica was instrumental in managing several large clients, including Telecom, Blaupunkt, Philips, Allianz and Young & Rubicam, while expanding the company's reach throughout the Global broadband market. Ivica also consulted and worked for commercial campaigns of MTV, Sony, Epic, Arista, BMG and several major production studios as a consultant, engineer and producer for hardware, software and production implementations. Recently, Ivica co-founded, a software development company in Venice, CA that was awarded for a web-design and for the organization and technical support of a few hackathons for SXSW and LA area. Ivica is the CEO of Gamecredits, company that specializes in blockchain monetization applications for the gaming industry. A member of Apigee Institute, band member of the and volunteers as a technology mentor at the Santa Monica public schools in his spare time.

Martinus Tangke

Operations Manager
Martinus began his professional career during his mid-teens in sales and e-commerce, playing an influential role in the development of a successful family business - a martial arts store. In the meantime, he worked closely with Datcroft company's user community to not only gain a deep understanding of their needs, but more importantly, to provide solutions. As the company expanded, Martinus took the position of Operations Manager and began building relationships with press. With a strong background in working with consumers, he represents a unique but important perspective for both Datcroft company and Gamecredits Inc., helping to bridge the gap between end users, developers, and other members of the team.

Jack Kuveke

Community Manager
Jack began his gaming career in high school when he and his twin brother built and operated gaming servers. His first server received over 250,000 new users its first month. During that time, he learned the intricacies of customer relations, managing payment disputes, fraud claims, and communities of people both in game and online. He later developed a second game server business that surpassed his first in players and monthly revenue. Jack spent much of his time building connections and partnerships with gaming news sources and “Youtubers”, some of whom had millions of fans/supporters. Jack is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Management at Syracuse University. In his first college semester he discovered the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. GameCredits combines Jack’s interests in gaming and cryptocurrencies. Jack is using his experience to help expand the GameCredits community and advance the use of GameCredits in the gaming world.


Jon Comer

A successful speaker, writer, entrepreneur and entertainer, Jon has founded over twelve successful businesses over the last 20 years, both offline and online. Prior to crypto, Jon had a fifteen year career in entertainment where he was known worldwide. Since getting involved in crypto in 2013, Jon has been an advisor to several successful projects. Jon accepted his first formal position in the crypto space in 2016 when he become Chief Marketing Officer for GameCredits, Inc. When he is not working, he enjoys rock climbing, motorcycles, and adventures. Recently he led a successful five month treasure hunting expedition in the rocky mountains. Jon’s experience over a wide range of public business ventures and proven business instincts give him a rare ability to manage the promotion of both gaming and virtual currency.

Kimberly Sitz

With over fifteen years of experience in software and database development, Kimberly founded her first IT company 2006. Today that company, The Cydio Group, is multi-million dollar enterprise and one of the most successful IT companies in Southern California. As a Software Developer Kimberly has advised within a variety of industries including Real Estate Development, Property Management, Education, Healthcare, Legal Services, Construction, Finance and Student Loan. As a CEO, she has overseen growth that has placed her company on INC Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies multiple years.
sergay sholom

Sergey Sholom

Sergey received his PhD in mathematical modeling. First considering a career in engineering, it was his love of gaming that led him to start Datcroft Games Ltd. in 2004. Datcroft is now a worldwide success, with a popular portfolio of MMORPG, Casual and FPS games. Datcroft’s products expand internationally into 15 different languages, with 13 million users and 200 corporate partnerships. Still CEO of Datcroft, Sergey is overseeing the launch of Appmarka mobile platform, hosting over 1000 popular mobile games from developers around the world. Datcroft’s partnership with Gamecredits Inc. will include integration of the GameCredits currency into the gameplay and fabric of all its current games. Sergey’s goal is a frictionless payment processing solution for the gaming world that enhances gamers game-play experience while providing gaming companies greater control over their economies. Sergey’s experience with Datcroft gives him unparalleled knowledge of these and other solutions the gaming industry currently needs.

Matt Fortnow

VP of Fantasy Sports Operations
Matt Fortnow is a pioneer in the fantasy sports industry. In the 1990’s, Matt was one of the first people to take recognize the industries need for stats and data. Using the power of the new internet, Matt spun this start up idea into what became, one of the industries first successful fantasy sports companies. As his reputation in the industry grew, Matt advised on different projects and later sold his company, which is know today as CBS Fantasy Sports. Matt is currently responsible for representing Gamecredits Inc. to the fantasy sports world as a payment solution.

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